When in doubt, pause.

As far as announcements go this is a big one for me. I have decided to put my haircutting career on pause for an undetermined period of time. I will still be available as a hairstylist for the circus and other show business industries when they get going again. I might come back to haircutting again some day but for now I will refer you to some great barbers and hairstylists that I know and recommend. Thank you for understanding dear customers, I miss you guys and hope we keep in touch! Marco

The Barbers:

  • Steve Marcotte @oldschoolstevelebarbier
  • Dave Dumay @dave_harder_barber
  • Renaud Carriere-Chartrand @renaud_mtlbarber
  • Luisa (ma soeur) chez Salon Lucerne

The Hairstylists:

  • David and David @queenoftheworldmtl
  • Véronique @salonbizarde
  • Tamara @revolutionhairstudio
  • Enzo @enzo_kamikuat

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